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Should I get a dash cam?

Accidents are usually so unexpected that we're not always quite sure what's happening while they're happening -- or even after they are over.

But, now a day, we have the technology to record this information for us. Dashboard cameras are making it easier to pinpoint the cause and effect in a motor vehicle accident. If you're debating purchasing one for yourself, consider the following.


The main reason someone would want to buy a dash cam is to show what happened if an accident occurs. This can keep all parties truthful about their involvement in the accident since false eye witness information can be demonstrated as invalid by showing the dash cam footage in court.

If you are hurt or your vehicle is badly damaged because of another driver's negligence, recorded evidence of the incident can help you get compensated appropriately.


Dash cams are also generally inexpensive, ranging from as low as $15 to $200.
They're also easy-to-use and durable. Rather than storing loads of useless footage that you'd have to comb through after an accident or delete to save storage space, the dash cam is designed to record over itself in a loop.

You can set the loop for as long as you like. Most accidents happen over the course of a few minutes at most. After an accident, the footage can easily be stopped and saved.


One thing you should not overlook while deciding whether to purchase a dash cam is the liability it may put you under. Even though the device will belong to you, a court or the police may seize the evidence from you to investigate an accident -- especially if someone gets hurt.

However, this threat can be advantageous in that the dash cam can serve as a reminder to practice safe driving habits.

Got footage?

If you or another driver have footage of a car accident you were involved in, consult with a lawyer to learn more about how it can be used to gain compensation.

A lawyer with experience can also help you interpret the evidence to present all of the potential ways the events of the accident may have unfolded 

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