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Where do most car accidents happen?

Many assume that most accidents happen on busy highways, where everyone is traveling at high speeds. While a lot of accidents do happen on the highway, you may be surprised to learn that most accidents occur where you least expect them. Often, accidents happen at intersections, stops signs in parking lots and when people are merging lanes. Accidents that happen at these locations, while common, can cause severe injury and even death.



According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 50 percent of crashes happen at or near intersections. Many of these accidents are either rear-end collisions or t-bone accidents. There are multiple reasons that could explain why the majority of crashes occur at intersections, including:

  • Running red lights
  • Not looking before turning
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving

Parking lots

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways that parking lot accidents can happen. Drivers backing into each other, pulling too far into a space and hitting the car on the other side, not seeing a pedestrian or other car in the lot, and clipping a parked car. While many times these accidents are not fatal, they can be a headache to deal with.

Stop signs

Whether the driver behind you doesn’t stop in time and hits the back of your vehicle, there is confusion at a four-way stop, or a car pulls onto a busy street after stopping at a stop sign and doesn’t see an oncoming car, there is no doubt that a lot of car crashes happen at stop signs. Inattentive and distracted driving are often culprits for accidents that happen at or near stop signs.


Most people have been in a situation where they start to merge into the lane next to them, only to hear a blaring car horn a split second later. Unknowingly, you were going to merge into a car that was already there. This is how most merging accidents happen, and depending on the speed the driver is traveling, one could be pushed off the road or into traffic.

Injuries due to a crash

Accidents that occur in these locations can elicit delayed injuries, such as whiplash or a concussion. If a reckless, careless or negligent driver hit and injured you, you may be able to seek compensation for the damages.

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