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Avoid these common bicycle accidents

Spring is here, and bicycle season is in full swing. Not only is biking a cardiovascular workout, but you get to breathe in the full grandeur of the world around you and gain a new perspective. When you’re riding the roadways, you need to pay close attention to motorists, pedestrians and the flow of traffic. In addition, you need to be familiar with the current laws and responsibilities.

Most riders are sharply focused, but many drivers are preoccupied, distracted and not looking for bicyclists on the road. Thus, you need to recognize the telltale signs of an impending accident, so you can avoid it.

What happens if you get in an accident while taking an Uber?

Ride sharing services, such as Uber, are gaining popularity across the United States. Even if you have your own vehicle, you might appreciate the convenience of a warm car picking you up from the airport, or having a sober driver get you home safely after a night on the town. But do you know what to do if you get in an accident while taking an Uber?

Why do divorces spike in January?

For many couples, the holidays are a wonderful time to get engaged. Romantic lights, special events and sentimental traditions may make marriage seem like a dream come true. But some years down the road, those same holidays may be a time of reexamination. For couples who are struggling, the holiday season may be what divides them, rather than brings them together.

January, aka Divorce Month, brings an increase in divorce filings, although most divorces are finalized later in the calendar year.

The holiday season can bring cheer and plenty of OUI arrests

If there is one thing you can count on during the holiday season, it is finding opportunities for parties and get-togethers. You may be invited to office parties, class reunions, family holiday parties and nights out with friends. One other thing you may notice this time of year, there are a lot OUI arrests.

Between Thanksgiving and into the new year, there is usually a significant spike in OUI arrests due to the increased amount of drinking and law enforcement patrols.

Where do most car accidents happen?

Many assume that most accidents happen on busy highways, where everyone is traveling at high speeds. While a lot of accidents do happen on the highway, you may be surprised to learn that most accidents occur where you least expect them. Often, accidents happen at intersections, stops signs in parking lots and when people are merging lanes. Accidents that happen at these locations, while common, can cause severe injury and even death.


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