Have You Been Bitten By A Dog?

Dog ownership entails a lot of commitment. Massachusetts law clearly defines the responsibilities of dog owners to control and restrain their dogs in order to prevent unreasonable harm to others from dog attacks. Unfortunately, some owners do not provide the care and training necessary to temper their dogs' behavior and actions, and the consequences can be devastating.

Victims of dog attacks are often left with serious physical injuries, permanent scarring and emotional trauma, especially when the victim is a small child. Luckily, Massachusetts has one of the toughest dog bite statues in the country. An injured person does not have to prove that the dog owner did anything wrong — they just have to prove that the dog caused the injury.

Massachusetts law not only applies to attacks by dogs but to any type of injury caused by a dog, as well as property damage. If you are injured by a dog or incur property damage the law in Massachusetts will hold the owner responsible even if the owner was unaware of the possibility the dog would cause harm. The two commonplace defenses a dog owner may have to avoid responsibility for an attack are if you were trespassing on the dog owner's property or teasing, tormenting or in some other manner abusing the dog. See M.G.L. 140 § 155.

What To Do After A Dog Bite Or Attack

If you or your child has been attacked by a dog, there are two things you should do as soon as possible:

  • Obtain medical treatment. When untreated, dog bites can cause serious injury, infection and possibly death if the animal was diseased. The first thing you should do after being bitten or attacked by a dog is seek medical attention, even if the bite appears minor.
  • Contact a Massachusetts dog bite attorney. Once you've been medically treated for your injury, contact an attorney who handles dog bite cases. An experienced dog bite lawyer will evaluate your case, conduct an investigation to find out if the dog owner acted negligently, combat the insurance company on your behalf, and work to recover the best possible settlement for your case.

Dog Bite Lawyers Serving Waltham And Surrounding Areas

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