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A passenger in an automobile accident in most instances is blameless. While this simple fact would hopefully lend itself to a quick and reasonable settlement, sometimes this is not the case. Where multiple vehicles are involved this may result in differing versions of events and finger pointing among the parties. You did not invite this intrusion into your life! What can you do?

What to Do After a Car Accident

If you are injured, make certain to get medical treatment. Do not put this off thinking the pain will disappear. Make certain to get the insurance information from each driver. Get a copy of the police report and motor vehicle accident reports prepared by each driver. If possible, take photographs of the damage to all vehicles involved in the accident.

A passenger involved in a motor vehicle accident should file a liability claim with the insurance company of each vehicle involved in the accident. In addition to a liability claim against the driver of the automobile in which the passenger was riding since Massachusetts is a no-fault state a claim for Personal Injury Benefits (PIP) should also be filed with the insurance company of this driver.

After filing the claims, you will be contacted by adjusters working for the insurance companies. You will be asked for personal information which may include your social security number. You are under no obligation to provide it to them and in this day and age it would be a mistake to do so. In addition to the obvious risk of providing this sensitive information to a stranger, the insurance company will enter this number in a national data base shared by many insurance companies to determine if you have made any previous injury claims. This search is not limited to merely automobile accident claims but all injury claims. The adjuster's will ask you to sign a medical authorization form allowing the insurance company to gather all your medical bills and records. You should understand that you are giving up control over your medical privacy if you sign such a form. While it will take more of your time you should obtain the medical bills and records yourself and submit them to the other driver's insurance company. This way you have the opportunity to remove the social security number as well as any medical information that is not relevant.

Negotiating a Settlement for Passenger Injury Claims

It is important to be very cautious when negotiating a settlement for your injury. As part of any agreement the other insurance companies will require you to sign a release of all claims. This means you will never be able to seek further compensation from them in the future. Be certain you have medical proof that your injuries have resolved, or you have reached what is known as a medical end result before entertaining the thought of settling your case. Remember, if you are unable to reach a fair and reasonable settlement you have the right to file a lawsuit and leave the matter to a jury to determine the fair value of your case. If you decide to file a lawsuit this must be done NO LATER than three years from the date of the accident. If you miss this deadline you will be unable to pursue the claim in court.

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